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2017 // Sponsor Love...

JUNE 14, 2017 - Many thanks to James Pugh and our friends at The Chronicle for the fantastic front-page story on the AD47 Academy and the impact this program has had on the Laurel area over the last two years. Now, entering our third year, we have set some lofty goals for 2017 and beyond, but we'd be remised if we didn't acknowledge our corporate partners who invest in this vision and who have helped turn a dream, to a vision, to a goal, to an accomplishment. 

As Akeem said, "I really appreciate the consistent support of our community--from parents, to volunteers, to the companies that have stepped up and identified with the values and life lessons we are passing along to these kids. Howard. Essmueller. The First. Sanderson. Winn Dixie. Robby at The Gathering. The Laurel corporate... has really extended its support, but the AD47 platform is more of an investment than a gift. In an investment, you expect to see a positive return on your money, whereas a gift is simply made out of kindness with no expectation of return.

When you look at what we've done over the first two years and what we have in store for year three and beyond, this is truly a positive investment in the Laurel community and we're grateful for our corporate partners and their continued belief in our program and the young lives we are shaping."

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Chronicle (June 14th edition) to read the full story.


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AD47 Football Leadership Academy
AD47 Football Leadership Academy